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Actual statistics of known maser sources

  • Transitions of masers included in the database

    TransitionShort freq.  Rest frequency  
    5-1→60 A+ View   6.6 GHz (II)6668.519213755264MEN91B*, MAC92, MAC92B, SCH93, GAY93, CAS95C, ... (in total 67 papers)
    20→3-1 E View   12 GHz (II)12178.64950CAS93*, GAY94, CAS95C, CAS95, MAC98, BLA04, BRE10B, BRE12B, BRE12,
    BRE14, BRE16, VAN16 (in total 12 papers)
    21→30 E View   19 GHz (II)19967.396180MEN89*, ELL04, KRI13 (in total 3 papers)
    92→101 A+ View   23 GHz (II)23121.0210MEN89*, CRA04, KRI13 (in total 3 papers)
    7-2→8-1 E View   37 GHz (II)37703.7233ELL11B*, ELL13, CHE15, ELL18 (in total 4 papers)
    62→53 A+ View   38.2 GHz (II)38293.26893ELL11B*, ELL13, ELL18 (in total 3 papers)
    62→53 A- View   38.4 GHz (II)38452.67773ELL11B*, ELL13, ELL18 (in total 3 papers)
    31→40 A+ View   107 GHz (II)107013.84416VAL95B*, VAL99, RAM99, CAS00, WIE04 (in total 5 papers)
    00→1-1 E View   108 GHz (II)108893.96163VAL99* (in total 1 papers)
    21→30 A+ View   156.6 GHz (II)156602.41370CAS00* (in total 1 papers)
    60→6-1 E View   157.0 GHz (II)157048.63210WIE04* (in total 1 papers)