Download data from database

Download data from database

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All observations list

This list of masers corresponds to the observations (detections/non-detections) of masers in different papers. Single maser source may be observed (detected or not detected) in many papers.

If you need the full list of maser observations, choose this one.

Molecule Table (CSV) Detections Interf. detections Non-detections Images Papers used
CH3OH (I class) Download 7785 3106 3361 975 109
CH3OH (II class) Download 9536 1907 7905 3093 90
H2O Download 10236 631 16114 4231 258
OH Download 7975 27 9202 10 113
SiO Download 9166 0 6346 0 55
NH3 Download 14 8 0 8 6
H2CO Download 0 0 0 0 0
  • All objects list

    In comparison with the "All observations list", this list of masers corresponds to the objects, where all maser observations is combined to the objects using their coordinates. All detections and non-detections of some single maser in this list combined to the one maser "object".

    If you need the list of all known masers, choose this one.

    Molecule Det. list (CSV) Det+nondet list (CSV) Objects total Detected Non-detected Det+nondet list
    All known maser objects Download View list
    CH3OH (I class) Download Download View list
    CH3OH (II class) Download Download View list
    H2O Download Download View list
    OH Download Download View list
    SiO Download Download View list
    NH3 Download Download View list
    H2CO Download Download View list