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Actual statistics of known maser sources

  • Transitions of masers included in the database

    TransitionShort freq.  Rest frequency  
    SiO J=1-0 v=3 View   42.5 GHz42519.34EO1312CHO95*, CHO96, DEG07A (in total 3 papers)
    29SiO J=1-0 v=1 View   42.6 GHz42583.83EO20CHO95*, DEG07A (in total 2 papers)
    SiO J=1-0 v=2 View   42.8 GHz42820.48EO21361100NAK87*, LIN91, NAK93, IZU94, IZU95B, IZU95, ... (in total 39 papers)
    29SiO J=1-0 v=0 View   42.9 GHz42879.9492EO1812CHO95*, CHO96, JIA96, DEG12 (in total 4 papers)
    SiO J=1-0 v=1 View   43.1 GHz43122.03EO2223976NAK87*, LIN91, NAK93, IZU94, IZU95, IZU95B, ... (in total 40 papers)
    SiO J=1-0 v=0 View   43.4 GHz43423.76EO2515NAK87*, CHO96, DEG07A (in total 3 papers)
    28SiO J=1-0 v=0 View   43.4 GHz43423.798EO00DEG12* (in total 1 papers)
    29SiO J=2-1 v=0 View   85.2 GHz85166.9603EO10NGU88*, CHO95 (in total 2 papers)
    SiO J=2-1 v=2 View   85.6 GHz85640.46EO20CHO95*, IMA99 (in total 2 papers)
    SiO J=2-1 v=1 View   86.2 GHz86243.37EO5352NAK87*, NGU88, LIN91, CHO95, IMA99, MAT00, NAK00, DEG01, DEG05A,
    DEG07A (in total 10 papers)
    SiO J=2-1 v=0 View   86.8 GHz86846.96EO103NAK87*, NGU88 (in total 2 papers)