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PLA90 - 95 GHz methanol masers near DR 21 and DR 21(OH)

Short title: Plambeck & Menten (1990)
Authors: Plambeck, R. L. Menten, K. M.
Journal: Astrophysical Journal, Part 1 (ISSN 0004-637X), vol. 364, Dec. 1, 1990, p. 555-560.
Bibcode: 1990ApJ...364..555P
  • Detection table from Plambeck & Menten (1990)

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    ID Obs. RA Obs. Dec l b Group id Other name Line Vpeak FWHM List Beam Detection Class Dist. (parallax) Ref.
    (J2000) (J2000) (deg.) (deg.) Comp CH3OH (class I) (km/s) (km/s) (arcsec) Yes/No (kpc)
    120 39 0.1+42 22 46.481.71950.5728G81.711+0.563
    DR21(OH)-295 GHz (I); 0.070.45AVE024+H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH -SiO SFRPLA90
    220 38 59.2+42 22 4981.71840.5755G81.711+0.563
    DR21(OH)-195 GHz (I); 0.320.66AVE024+H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH -SiO SFRPLA90
    320 38 54.8+42 19 22.181.66450.5514G81.711+0.563
    West95 GHz (I); -2.520.4AVE024+H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH -SiO SFRPLA90
    420 39 1.8+42 19 22.481.67770.5343G81.711+0.563
    DR21-C95 GHz (I); -3.50.3AVE024+H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH -SiO SFRPLA90
    520 39 2.2+42 22 44.481.72290.5675G81.711+0.563
    DR21(OH)-395 GHz (I); -5.30.5AVE024+H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH -SiO SFRPLA90
    620 39 1.8+42 22 44.281.72210.5685G81.711+0.563
    DR21(OH)-495 GHz (I); -6.70.4AVE024+H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH -SiO SFRPLA90

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    Bolocam 1.1 mm

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