The nearest found maser object is G81.699+0.563 (offset by 58.5" from input coordinates)

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Mean object RA, Dec: 20 39 00 +42 22 40 (309.7529450 42.3780520)
Mean object l, b: 81.7129 0.571

Maser object G81.699+0.563

Other names: 20350+4126, 81.72+0.57, 81.722+0.571, DR21 B_2, DR21MetC, DR 21OH, DR 21 (OH), DR21(OH)C, DR21West, G081.721+0.571, 20363+3401, 203714.0+420906, DR 21, DR 21 S, G081.7131+00.5792, G081.7133+00.5589, G081.721+00.572, G081.7220+00.5699, G81.68+0.54, W75 OH, W75(OH), B 1-1 : B 1-3, B1-1 : B1-3, B3-1, B4-1, B 6-1, B6-1, B6-3, BGPS6901(DR21), BGPS6909(DR21(OH), Dr21, DR21, DR 21, DR-21, DR 21 MetC, DR21-MM, DR 21(OH), DR-21 OH, DR21(OH), DR21W, DR 21-W, DR21-W, DR 21West, DR 21 West, DR-21 West, G081.7131+00.5792, G81.68+0.54, DR21(OH), G81.721+0.571, W75S(OH), J20385719+4222409.

Detected/non-detected masers in the object: +H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH -SiO