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Mean object RA, Dec: 22 56 18 +62 01 49 (344.0754875 62.0303745)
Mean object l, b: 109.8709 2.1142

Maser object G109.871+2.114

Other names: 109.86+2.10, 109.871+2.114, 22543+6145, CepA, Cep A, Cepheus A HW2, G109.86+2.10, G109.868+2.119, G109.870+2.114, (200) Cep A, 22543+6145, CepA, Cep A, CEP A, Cep A HW2, Cep A HW3a, Cep A HW3b, Cep A HW3d, Cep A HW3di, Cep A HW3dii, Cepheus A, CEPHEUS A, G109.8715+02.1156, IRAS 22543+6145, IRAS22543+6145, G109.871+2.114, IRAS22543+6145, G109.8715+02.1156, IRAS22543+6145.

Detected/non-detected masers in the object: +H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH