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SJO07 - Excited-State OH Main-Line Masers in AU Geminorum and NML Cygni

  Interferometry data

Short title: Sjouwerman et al. (2007)
Authors: Sjouwerman, Loránt O. Fish, Vincent L. Claussen, Mark J. Pihlströ m, Ylva M. Zschaechner, Laura K.
Journal: The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 666, Issue 2, pp. L101-L104.
Bibcode: 2007ApJ...666L.101S
  • Detection table from Sjouwerman et al. (2007)

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    Position of H2O maser detection
    DSS colored
    2MASS colored
    WISE colored
    SDSS color
    IRAC color I1,I2,I4
    GLIMPSE 360
    PACS color (70-160 um)
    SPIRE color (250-500 um)
    NVSS (1.4GHz)
    2MASS K