Please use following information when you use maserdb or eDAMS in you science project.

Current paper for citation:

Nakashima J.-I., Engels D., Hsia C.-H., Imai H., Ladeyschikov D. A., Sobolev A. M., Yung B. H. K., Zhang Y. The Extensive Database of Astrophysical Maser Sources (eDAMS): the First Release on Circumstellar Maser Sources // Astrophysical Masers: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe, Proceedings IAU Symposium, A. Tarchi, M.J. Reid & P. Castangia, eds., No. 336, 2017.

Thesis of eDAMS project, presented in the IAU symposium: Download PDF

Poster, presented in the IAU symposium (eDAMS): Download PDF

  • Poster about maserdb, presented in the 47th Kourovka winter astronomical school "Physics of Space": Download PDF