The nearest found maser object is G81.877+0.782 (offset by 11.4" from input coordinates)

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Mean object RA, Dec: 20 38 36 +42 37 47 (309.6533083 42.6297940)
Mean object l, b: 81.8751 0.7813

Maser object G81.877+0.782

Other names: 20363+3401, G081.8652+00.7800, G081.875+00.783, G081.8789+00.7822, W 75-N, W7 5 N, W75 N, W75-N, 81.87+0.78, G081.871+0.780, G81.87+0.78, G81.871+0.779, G81.88+0.78, W75, W75N, W 75 (N), G081.8652+00.7800, G81.88+0.78, W75N, W 75 N, W75 N, W75N(BGPS6955), G81.871+0.781, W75N.

Detected/non-detected masers in the object: +H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH