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Mean object RA, Dec: 20 39 03 +42 25 41 (309.7647075 42.4281390)
Mean object l, b: 81.7646 0.5938

Maser object G81.767+0.596

Other names: 20350+4126, 81.76+0.59, G081.744+0.590, G081.752+0.590, G081.765+0.597, G81.752+0.591, W75S(3), W75S(3)C, B 9-1 h, B9-1 h, BGPS6920(W75S(3)), DR21N, G081.7624+00.5916, W 75 S(3), W75 S(3), W75S(3), W75S(3)a, DR21(OH)N, G81.745+0.590, W75S(3), G081.7522+00.5906, G081.753+00.593, G081.7624+00.5916, W75 S(3), W75 S(l).

Detected/non-detected masers in the object: +H2O +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH