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ROL99 - A search for methanol masers at 9.978 GHz and 10.058 GHz

Short title: Rollig et al. (1999)
Authors: Röllig, M. Kegel, W. H. Mauersberger, R. Doerr, C.
Journal: Astronomy and Astrophysics, v.343, p.939-942 (1999)
Bibcode: 1999A&A...343..939R
PDF: ROL99.pdf
  • Detection table from Rollig et al. (1999)

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    ID Obs. RA Obs. Dec l b Source name Line Telescope RMS Beam Detection
    (J2000) (J2000) (deg.) (deg.) CH3OH (class I) (Jy) (arcsec) Yes/No
    102 27 3.8+61 52 24.6133.94731.0642W3(OH)10.05 GHzGBT25.000210+CH3OH II +OH

    Position of H2O maser detection
    DSS colored
    2MASS colored
    WISE colored
    SDSS color
    IRAC color I1,I2,I4
    GLIMPSE 360
    PACS color (70-160 um)
    SPIRE color (250-500 um)
    NVSS (1.4GHz)
    2MASS K