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Reference: [GM83]

  • Detection table from GM83

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    ID Obs. RA Obs. Dec l b Source name Frequency Vpeak List Ref. Detection
    (J2000) (J2000) (deg.) (deg.) (MHz) (km/s) Yes/No
    105 35 14.5-05 22 26.6208.992003-19.384322ORION-IR466014.4QIA14GM83+H2O -CH3OH I +CH3OH I +CH3OH II +OH +SiO

    Position of H2O maser detection
    DSS colored
    2MASS colored
    WISE colored
    SDSS color
    IRAC color I1,I2,I4
    GLIMPSE 360
    PACS color (70-160 um)
    SPIRE color (250-500 um)
    NVSS (1.4GHz)
    2MASS K