Description of source "17470-2853" from Walsh et al. (1998)

The radio continuum emission consists of an unresolved strong source, with weaker emission extending away from the unresolved source, to the north-west. The extent of this emission, including both sources, is 0.7 pc, assuming a distance of 9.1 kpc. It is not clear whether the extended emission is associated with the unresolved source. Methanol maser emission is found at the edge of the unresolved continuum source, at the point where the two continuum features would meet. OH maser emission is also located close to this point (Forster & Caswell 1989). A single spot of methanol emission is found within the weak, extended continuum. Water maser emission, detected by Forster & Caswell (1989), is found between the two continuum features. The positions of the maser sources do indicate that the two continuum features are linked.