Description of source "17175-3544" from Walsh et al. (1998)

This source is better known as NGC 6334F. The continuum emission is of cometary shape, about 44 mpc across (assuming a distance of 1.7 kpc). Methanol emission is found scattered within the head of the cometary shape, along with OH emission, detected by Gaume & Mutel (1987). OH and water maser emission is also reported by Forster & Caswell (1989) within the tail of the cometary continuum emission. We also find a separate site of methanol emission 40 mpc to the side of the continuum emission. Our data agree well with those of Ellingsen et al. (1996), although the continuum emission they find extended to the south-east is below our lowest contour and is not evident in Fig. 1. A third, presumably unrelated, maser site is located approximately 2 arcmin north of NGC 6334F.