Description of source "16484-4603" from Walsh et al. (1998)

The relative positions of the methanol spots agree with those of Norris et al. (1993). New features are seen in our data, namely A and B. The position of the methanol emission with respect to the continuum is similar to that of IRAS 13471-6120. The continuum emission seems to be slightly extended to the west, with the methanol also on the west side of the centre of the continuum emission. The radio continuum image of Ellingsen, Norris & McCulloch (1996) indicates that the emission is extended to the north-east and that the angular position of the methanol maser spots is perpendicular to this continuum emission. OH maser emission is also reported by Caswell et al. (1995b) in three locations, two of which are within the continuum emission contours, the third lying about 4 arcsec to the north of the continuum emission. Water maser emission is reported close to the continuum emission by Forster & Caswell (1989). It is not clear whether the OH and water maser emission sites are offset from the continuum or not, because of the absolute positional uncertainty.