Description of source "13471-6120" from Walsh et al. (1998)

The methanol emission has also been observed with the ATCA by Norris et al. (1993) and our relative positions of the maser spots correlate well, although there is an absolute offset of around 1 arcsec. We have detected a new methanol spot, with a radial velocity of –54.5 km s¹1 (A). The maser emission is slightly offset from the centre of the unresolved continuum emission, but is still within the continuum contours. Caswell, Vaile & Forster (1995b) reported methanol and OH maser emission from this source. The position of the OH emission appears to be 0.5 arcsec offset from the methanol emission, but within the continuum emission. This is not apparent from our image in Fig. 1, as there is an offset of 1 arcsec in the absolute position with that of Caswell et al., assuming the methanol emission reported here is coincident with that of Caswell et al.