Description of source "G25.82-0.17" from Ellingsen (2007)

this source was rst discovered by Schutte et al. (1993) and has subsequently been detected in a number of IRAS-based (Walsh et al. 1997; Szymczak & Kus 2000) and untargeted surveys (Ellingsen 1996; Szymczak et al. 2002). The peak ux den-sity in the spectrum of Schutte et al. (1993) is similar to that seen in Fig. 5 (although it does not appear to agree with the value listed in table 2 of Schutte et al.), while Szymczak et al. (2002) report 66 Jy.

The observations of Szymczak & Kus (2000) show a peak ux den-sity of approximately 20 Jy, but it appears that this is largely due to an offset between the maser location and the position of the IRAS source targeted. Fig. 5 shows the spectrum observed by Ellingsen (1996) as a dashed line, which along with the other observations sug-gests that the source shows variations of 10 per cent on time-scales of years.