Description of source "20126+4104" from Slysh et al. (1999)

The 6.7 GHz maser was found first by MacLeod & Gaylard (1992). In November { December 1991 they detected a weak (7 Jy) emission in the velocity range 7:55:5 km s1. We detected rather strong (about 60 Jy) double-peaked line in the same ve-locity range. A large difference in ux densities is proba-bly due to pointing errors of MacLeod & Gaylard (1992) observations of this Northern source from the Southern Hemisphere. Bronfman et al. (1996) detected the CS (21) emission at 3.8 km s1. The IRAS source is a center of well known bipolar outow (Wilking et al. 1990).