Description of source "AFGL 5142" from Slysh et al. (1999)

Bipolar out-ow (Hunter et al. 1995). This source has been observed by Gaylard & Macleod (1993) who report a peak us den-sity of 85 Jy for the strongest feature at 2 km s1, while we observe a ux density of 48 Jy. The position offset of the two observations (1 arcmin) and the the different frequency resolution, 0.22 km s1 instead of 0.27 km s1 (present work), can only partly account for this difference which is almost a factor of two. Moreover we note that a) in Gaylard & MacLeod (1993) the 2 km s1 fea-ture is about 8 times more intense than the feature at 4 km s1, while in our spectrum this ratio is about 2.5; b) we observe a feature at 0.5 km s1 which is missing in Gaylard & MacLeod observations. Therefore we conclude that AFGL 5142 is variable.