Description of source "IRAS18162-2048" from Kim et al. (2019)

In the 2010 and 2011 epochs, IRAS181622048 (also known as G10.88412.592, HH 8081, or GGD 27) shows strong maser lines around a velocity of 80 km s1, which are EHV blueshifted components with respect to the systemic velocity (12.2 km s1) (Figure 1). These EHV components between velocities of 90 and 40 km s1 have been reported by several previous surveys (Gomez et al. 1995; Codella et al. 1996; Mart et al. 1999; Furuya et al. 2003; Kurtz & Hofner 2005). Other maser lines around the systemic velocity have also been reported by Furuya et al. (2003) and Kurtz & Hofner (2005), although none of those components was detected in our observations. According to the VLA observations of Gomez et al. (1995) and Kurtz & Hofner (2005), the EHV blueshifted components are located about 700 northeast of the UCHii and thermal radio jet, and thus we cannot exclude the possibility that they may be related to a separate YSO.