Description of source "G8.67-0.36" from Kim et al. (2019)

G8.670.36 shows blue-shifted HV and EHV components with respect to the systemic velocity (35.3 km s1) in the rst and second epochs, respectively (Figure 1). The EHV component at a velocity of 23.2 km s1 is detected in this study for the rst time, while the HV component at a velocity of 4.3 km s1 has been reported by previous single-dish and VLA surveys (Forster & Caswell 1989; Churchwell et al. 1990; Hofner & Churchwell 1996). There is another massive YSO (G8.680.37) close to G8.670.36, but it is located about 10 away and has a systemic velocity of +37.2 km s1 (Longmore et al. 2011). It is unclear whether G8.680.37 is associated with H2O maser, although Valdettaro et al. (2001) detected one maser line at 33.2 km s1 toward a midpoint between the two objects using the Medicina 32 m telescope with a beam size (FWHM) of 1.90. Thus the HV and EHV components are likely associated with jets/outows from G8.670.36.