Description of source "G45.07+0.13" from Kang et al. (2015)

G36.92+0.48, G38.26-0.08, G41.58+0.04, G43.80-0.13, G44.64-0.52, G45.07+0.13

The systemic velocities of these sources were not determined by the NH3 lines (Pandian et al. 2012) but by the 13CO (J = 21) or CS (J = 54) lines (Pandian et al. 2009).

G43.80-0.13 and G45.07+0.13 show strong NH3 lines, but the line proles are complicated (Pandian et al. 2012). These two sources have all three maser species, and G43.80-0.13 is the strongest water maser source in our sample (Table 3). The other four sources have no detectable NH3 line emission. Of these, only G38.26-0.08 shows water maser emission