Description of source "G43.04-0.46" from Kang et al. (2015)

G35.03+0.35, G43.04-0.46, G45.07+0.13

These three are the only previously known sources with both water masers and 44 GHz class I methanol masers in our sample. We conrm that the water masers vary substantially in both the velocity and ux density of their emission, while the 44 GHz masers do not. Forster & Caswell (1999) observed water maser emission of 18.5 Jy at 68.5 km s1 in G35.03 +0.35. This is very different from our result: 62.5 0.9 Jy at 44.7 km s1. Cyganowski et al. (2009) detected 44 GHz maser emission at 52.8 km s1 using the Very Large Array (VLA). The peak velocity is consistent with our value, 52.8 km s1. For G43.04-0.46, Valdettaro et al. (2001) observed water maser emission of 5.1 Jy at 57.55 km s1, which is very different from our measurement of 5.6 0.7 Jy at 45.7 km s1. Kurtz et al. (2004) observed 44 GHz maser emission of 3.8 Jy at 58.0 km s1 with the VLA. We also detected maser emission of 8.7 1.1 Jy at the same velocity. There have been several reports of water maser detection in G45.07+0.13. The peak ux densities and velocities are 50.7 Jy at 60.1 km s1, 21.5 Jy at 60.6 km s1, 41 Jy at 60.1 km s1, and 23.2 0.6 Jy at 60.1 km s1 by Palagi et al. (1993), Forster & Caswell (1999), Valdettaro et al. (2001), and this study, respectively. Kurtz et al. (2004) showed 44 GHz maser emission of 1.1 Jy at 59.3 km s1 and we also detected a peak ux density of 1.7 0.5 Jy at 59.2 km s1