Description of source "g26" from Chambers et al. (2011)

Similarly to sources g21A and g21B, green source g26 is located foreground to the Galactic center, and is in the vicinity of RCW 137. This bright, extended green source, which has a derived mass of 7.1 ± 0.9 M_0, is located within a plume-shaped IRDC and is coincident with 24 µm emission (Figure 26). The 6.7 GHz maser emission is detected toward this source, and its spectrum displays multiple velocity features between 19 and 25 km s−1. The 6.7 GHz maser site is within the confines of the green source. In addition to the 6.7 GHz maser emission, we also detect two sites of 44 GHz maser emission ~3 arcsec away, with velocities of 19 and 20 km s−1. The multiple velocity features of 6.7 GHz maser emission, along with the multiple sites of 44 GHz maser emission, indicate that a cluster of stars may be forming in the IRDC that contains g26.