Description of source "G333.32+0.11" from Voronkov et al. (2014)

The Spitzer infrared image of this region (see Fig. 1) is dominated by a strong source with an EGO at the north-western end (possible out-flow candidate according to Cyganowski et al. 2008). The 6.7-GHz maser (Caswell 1996; Caswell et al. 2011b) and the 44-GHz masers at A are associated with the infrared source. The class I masers represented by location B include components seen projected at the EGO and near its edge. The rest of the class I maser emission lies several seconds of arc offset from the infrared source. No 18-cm continuum has been detected towards this source (MAGMO data, rms is 1 mJy).