Description of source "G45.47+0.05" from Towner et al. (2017)

We detect strong, resolved 1.3 cm conti-nuum emission coincident with the EGO and with the known UC H II region G45.47+0.05 (Wood & Churchwell 1989; Hofner et al. 1999), classified by Wood & Churchwell (1989) as “irregular or multiply peaked.” In the new 1.3 cm VLA image, CM1 appears elongated along an NW–SE axis, suggestive of a possible ionized jet (Figure 1). The elongation direction of the cm-λ emission matches that of the extended 4.5 μm emission.

We detect both thermal and masing 25 GHz CH3OH emission for this EGO, both coincident with a compact, southern component of CM1. The thermal emission is fairly compact compared to other thermal CH3OH detections in the survey (1.61 × <0 90), and has Tb = 24 K. The optically thin LTE calculations suggest a physical temperature of T ∼ 100 K.