Description of source "G14.63-0.58" from Towner et al. (2017)

We detect two 1.3 cm continuum sources, both coincident with extended 4.5 μm emission (Figure 1). The brighter centimeter source, CM1, is also coincident with compact 24 μm emission and with the 6.7 GHz CH3OH maser G14.631−0.577, reported by Green et al. (2010). Thermal 25 GHz CH3OH emission is detected toward CM2, the weaker centimeter continuum source. The brightness temperature of this thermal CH3OH emission is only Tb = 2.9 K, due to the extended nature of the emission and consequent large fitted size; our optically thin calculation method gives a temperature range of T = 10–40 K. No 25 GHz CH3OH masers are detected in the field.