Description of source "G14.33-0.64" from Towner et al. (2017)

This EGO is located ~15² SE of the bright far-infrared source IRAS 18159-1648 (Jaffe et al. 1982), within a ridge of ammonia emission (VLA observations by Lu et al. 2014). We detect marginally resolved 1.3 cm continuum emission coincident with the EGO (denoted CM1) and also the IRAS source (Figure 1). The morphology of CM1 is consistent with two unresolved cm-λ continuum sources. Both compo-nents have emission above 6σ, but satisfactory two-component fits could not be achieved with the current data.

We detect four 25 GHz CH3OH masers and no thermal CH3OH emission in this source. The 25 GHz CH3OH emission is, however, confused both spatially and spectrally. Conse-quently, there may be additional weak CH3OH emission present that could not be separated in the current data. Two of the 25 GHz masers are located just within the 4σ contour of the 1.3 cm continuum emission; two are located north of the centimeter source.