Description of source "G10.34-0.14" from Towner et al. (2017)

G10.34−0.14 is also located on the edge of the W31 H II region G10.32−00.15 (also see G10.29−0.13).

We do not detect 1.3 cm continuum emission associated with the EGO. Within the VLA FOV, we detect extended 1.3 cm continuum emission from the nearby MIR-bright H II region and a weak, unresolved 1.3 cm source ~18² west of the EGO (Figure 1; not included in Table 4).

We detect 25 GHz thermal CH3OH emission coincident with the EGO and with Class II 6.7 GHz CH3OH maser emission (Cyganowski et al. 2009). The thermal CH3OH emission is fairly extended, with a Tb of only 6 K (Table 5), and is coincident with the southern edge of an N–S elongated region of 24 μm emission. This MIR morphology may indicate the presence of two blended 24 μm sources. One 25 GHz CH3OH maser is detected at the NW end of the extended 4.5 μm emission, coincident with a 44 GHz Class I CH3OH maser reported by Cyganowski et al. (2009). The other 25 GHz maser is SE of the EGO, coincident with a separate patch of extended 4.5 μm emission and 44 GHz CH3OH masers (Cyganowski et al. 2009).