Description of source "20050+2720" from Gomez-Ruiz et al. (2016)

We detect a single maser component in this field, coincident with the millimeter-continuum source OVRO 1 reported by Beltrán et al. (2008). Beltrán et al. conclude that two molecular outflows are present, and that their driving sources are OVRO 1 and a YSO within the 8000 AU (11 3) envelope surrounding OVRO 1. The maser position that we report is less than 1″ from the OVRO 1 position, suggesting that the maser is associated with the east–west outflow, driven by OVRO 1, and that it arises near the base of the outflow. We caution that this interpretation is not unambiguous. Beltrán et al. suggest that the two outflows interact with one another; it is possible that the maser arises in an interaction region, rather than at the driving source of one of the outflows. Moreover, Varricatt et al. (2010) suggest that additional outflows might be present. If so, and if one of these were oriented along the line of sight, the maser could arise rather far from the outflow origin, but appear to be projected near (<2″)  the driving source (see Figure 7).