Description of source "G 333.47-0.16" from McCarthy et el. (2018c)

The 6.7-GHz maser pointing target in this source is located within the southern half of an EGO (classified likely outflow candidate by (Cyganowski et al. 2008)). Voronkov et al. (2014) notes a curved distribution of class I emission at locations A, B, D and F trac-ing a bow shock with the 6.7-GHz maser situated at the apex.

The 95-GHz masers are consistent with the positions of the pre-viously observed class I masers at A and B. However, at D one 95-GHz maser is located with the previously observed emission, and another is observed east of the 6.7-GHz maser at the edge of the EGO. No 95-GHz masers are observed at F, possibly due to the 44-GHz maser here being relatively weak compared to other locations in this source. 95-GHz masers are located at E and C also, making it appear that these masers trace the entire eastern edge of the EGO.