Description of source "G 333.23-0.06" from McCarthy et el. (2018c)

The south-eastern 6.7-GHz maser (333.234–0.062) is the point-ing target of the 95-GHz observations in this source. A secondary 6.7-GHz maser (333.234–0.060) is located a few arcsec north-west, and is associated with a bright infrared source. 95-GHz emission is distributed between two locations, A and C. The former, is outside the FWHM of the 95-GHz primary beam, however, it contains a very bright 95-GHz component (35.57 Jy, strong rela-tive to the typical 95-GHz flux density values we observe). The 95-GHz masers at region C have a close spatial association with the position of the south-eastern 6.7-GHz maser. 3.5-mm con-tinuum emission is detected, situated between the two 6.7-GHz masers on the south-eastern edge of the infrared source.